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Hollywood and The Ivy Look

Hollywood and The Ivy Look

“It’s the gone-away-to-college elder brother of prep, the across-the-pond cousin of mod.”

01 Feb 2012

By Esquire

“A lesson on how men used to dress (and how they still should).”

05 Jan 2012

By Xiaoli Li

“Captures what may have been the last time anyone looked admiringly at the clothes that stars wore.”

24 Dec 2011

By Bookshelf


13 Dec 2011

By Richard James

“A pictorial celebration of the look and attitude of Ivy.”

08 Dec 2011

By Simon Chilvers

“One of the most beautiful coffee table books ... to highlight mens' fashion that I've ever seen.”

07 Dec 2011

By Michael Stradford

“Incredible photographs.”

29 Nov 2011

By Mansel Fletcher

“Stunning photographic tome”

21 Nov 2011

By L P

“First ever large format coffee table book exploring how the Ivy Look came into play on the West Coast.”

18 Nov 2011

By Denise Taw

“A sumptuous and lovingly collated visual collection that can be picked-up again and again.”

17 Nov 2011

By Betty Wood

“That iconic Ivy Look is being celebrated in this ace new book.”

16 Nov 2011

By James Brown

“It's still hip to be square.”

14 Nov 2011

By Adam Welch

“Internationally acclaimed Japanese magazine, Pen, gives book glowing review.”

01 Nov 2011

“Everyone can look good in it, whether you're 17 or 70. ”

13 Nov 2011

By Coco Bayley

“The difficult art of creating an immortal style”

01 Nov 2011

By Toni Garcia